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Smart retail

Smart retail we are witnessing the arrival of a new retail era,
We dare not say what kind of changes will be made in the retail industry in the future,
The only thing we can do is to welcome change,
Relying on new technologies to create a new consumption experience,
Accurately discover and meet customer needs,
Finally, improve the operation efficiency of single store.
Wisdom creates the future and seeks perfection every day
PRETTY SUN, intelligent terminal integration solution service provider

Smart retail
Big screen experience
Display experience
Interactive experience
Multimedia series
Window drainage
SmartSales Smart Identification System
Any company can find the strongest competitor, but there is an opponent that you can't beat, that is, the trend!
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Virtual humanoid shopping guide
It is a kind of rear projection technology using new creative combination, linked to the computer to play, and directional video hides the sound played by the speaker, realizing a lifelike humanoid salesperson. It can display product information for 24 hours, and is accompanied by dynamic video commentary. vivid. Application: Exhibition display, shopping mall shopping guide, museum, public service, automobile industry, real estate commentary...
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Large screen interactive experience
For brand owners, offline media have the following pain points: 1. One-way transmission. At present, offline screen media advertisements are mostly one-way forced transmission, which cannot awaken deeper consumer demand, and can only leave a simple brand impression. 2. Participation is almost "zero". There is almost zero interaction between screen ads and consumers, making it difficult to leave a deep impression. 3. Low utilization rate. An advertising space can only have a simple screen push, with little expression content, and no deeper understanding of the brand. 4. Low instant conversion rate. All offline screen advertising screens stay for a short period of time, which leads to insufficient persuasiveness, it is difficult to stimulate consumers' instant consumption demand, and the instant conversion rate of advertisements is low. These are the pain points of offline screen media. With the continuous upgrading and innovation of digital technology, offline screen media has also ushered in the transformation of the entire industry.
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