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Going to the Guangzhou 4A Games, we are the hope of the whole village
August 18 The 11th Guangzhou 4A Cup 2018 Guangzhou Advertising Elite Sports Games Here we are!
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we are coming
You always say that you work for me, You always say you want to go to work and can't accompany me, You always say you have to work overtime and come back later, You always say you want me to study hard, it doesn’t matter if I’m tired, You always say...
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This little black box turned out to be...
7.21-8.20 Tmall Black Box and Elizabeth Arden, a well-known beauty brand, created a "giant little black box" in Shanghai Shangsheng Xinsuo Plaza. The exterior of this small black box is constructed with 76,000 pieces of air-operated panels equipped with flashing films. As the light changes throughout the day, different colors will appear on the surface of the box.
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Sales sprinted at the end of the year, how can these troubles be overcome?
Walking into the supermarket, there are rows of price tags that make people spend time carefully distinguishing, which one is the selling price of the goods you want to buy? Sometimes I misunderstood the price and found that the difference is ridiculous!
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The Japanese and American team receives a delegation of Dutch brand entrepreneurs
Dutch luxury cosmetics brands, Danish high-end lifestyle brands, Dutch underwear brands, international bicycle brands, European bakery groups, high-end fashion chains, representatives of LV Group, European high-end fashion brands, and so many entrepreneurs from foreign brands at one time Gathering together is definitely a powerful testimony of a company's influence in foreign trade. Under the leadership of Dong Li of the company, Japan-US Technology has done it all!
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