Retail space

    New definition of smart retail space    

With the advent of experiential economy,
More and more brands pay attention to experiential "consumption space",
Using a variety of digital technology, around the experience needs of consumers, system transformation.


    Unify brand image    

In order to create more brand value for customers,
Combining the company's existing design and full value chain supporting manufacturing advantages,
Starting from the actual application and positioning of the brand, based on sufficient communication and market research,
For the brand design of new brand terminal display application scheme, large-scale production standards,
It not only reduces the cost of brand marketing, but also unifies the terminal image of the brand.

    Open shop in 7 days    

With the increasingly fierce market competition,
Speed and a unified brand image undoubtedly give the brand greater advantages in the market,
The strong supporting manufacturing advantages of Nippon and the United States make it possible to open stores in 7 days and comprehensively enhance the market competitiveness of the brand.
Combined with brand store, shop in store, counter and other different terminal display needs.
Unified design, through modular management to standardize the brand image. Mass production reduces customer time cost and material cost.


Shop in the store
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