Caring service

Caring service

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Service target
The product has zero defects, zero service problems, and zero customer complaints. It starts with design and starts with details until satisfactory.
Guarantee (four complete, five care services)
The whole process from pre-sale consultation to sales promotion, delivery, installation and commissioning, to after-sale guidance, return visit, and maintain the whole process.
Full service outlets throughout the country, no matter where the customer is located, you can enjoy the delivery service of Japanese and American companies.
All weather: including rain and snow, as long as customers need, Japanese American service staff at any time door-to-door service.
Wholeheartedly: standing on the user's position, he listens to opinions with an open mind and strives to meet the requirements.
"Five concerns": expert consultation, public supervision, complaint management, active tracking, user salon.
Contact customer - Product Description - understanding customer situation - Submission design - consultation - agreement - contract - Engineering Design - construction and installation - commissioning acceptance - Service
Service specification
Pre sale services: provide detailed product information and provide customers with satisfactory design solutions.



1. Our company has a professional installation team, about 30 people. They have installed many light boxes in airports, subway, shopping malls and other places, and have rich experience in installation.

2. Our company has a clear division of labor in the installation. The professional designers should inspect the site on the premise of ensuring safety and environmental protection, and put forward the plan, civilized construction, quality and quantity to complete the installation task.

3. In the service of after-sales service, the company also attaches great importance to the response under normal conditions, in response to 12 hours, can solve the problem immediately, help the customer to solve the problem, can not solve the problem within 24 hours, and solve the problem in the whole province from two to three days in the whole province to get to the field investigation and solve the problem.




research and development
Technology is the mission to serve the community. Environmental protection and energy saving are the key to provide new elements for the advertising light box market. In recent years, the R & D department has continuously developed new products, including circular rotary lamp box, uniform light film lamp box, crystal light box, etc., which has won the praise of the advertisers. The R & D department will continue to adhere to a wide range of cooperation relations with friends at home and abroad with first-class technology, perfect service and good reputation. The advertising lamp box industry provides high quality products.
Design Department
We have a strong design team, experienced model manufacturers and excellent samplers, and the design and production of various large lamp boxes and display frames at home and abroad. Recently, we have service brands: Agricultural Bank of China housing signs, rural commercial bank signs, Unicom exhibition hall props, Lining props, hydraulic display rack...... "
PRETTY SUN design,give you unlimited creativity, your thoughts, we help you to create, please leave us a message, we deliver satisfactory products!

· Our company owns the fleet and arranges short distance transportation to the Pearl River Delta region. Our long distance transportation company will entrust a contracted transport company to make arrangements. At the end of each year, our company will compare with transport companies and choose the best ones.
· International transportation is carried out by ships, aircraft, etc. Our transport companies: DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT and logistics companies with national certificates, all of which are full service companies with complete network resources.



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