Multimedia series

Multimedia series


SmartSales system


The intelligent exhibition system is a high-tech exhibit display system integrating video advertising and information interaction.
It combines ordinary display screens with information exchange and interaction, not only improving sales from the traditional "narration" to the fashionable "experience",
Moreover, the information content of exhibits, promotions, advertisements, etc. is more fully displayed in front of customers.
Through the combination of various multimedia products such as graphics, images, video, and voice, it helps brands build smart terminals and give consumers more experience.


Product advantages

1. Low cost in small space
Through the display of interactive experience, product pictures and videos can be uploaded to the intelligent exhibition system and displayed on the large display screen.
It fully embodies the marketing concept of "limited space, unlimited display", enabling the terminal to obtain a cost-effective display method through a low-cost display experience.
2. Improve user experience
Every user who enters the store can browse through the large screen, and consumers can learn the detailed information of the product when they pick up the product.
The large screen displays various information, such as high-definition pictures and videos, allowing users to understand product information more vividly and increasing users’ desire to buy.
3. Improve brand image
The visual marketing system uses a stylish large LCD screen to replace the traditional shopping model, which greatly improves the quality of the shoe store, and can set off the brand's high-end and fashionable image and add value to the brand.


Function brief


1. Advertising video: When no customers choose to watch the exhibits, the display screen will automatically play the designated advertising video.
2. Exhibit video: When a product is picked up, the display will immediately play the video or picture of the exhibit, including exhibit advertisements, promotional activities, performance parameters, etc.
When the product is returned to its original position, the display will immediately play the specified advertising video/picture.
When multiple people pick up multiple products, the display screen plays the video or picture corresponding to the last picked up exhibit, including exhibit advertisements, promotional activities, performance parameters, and so on.


Scope of application

Cosmetics, jewelry, electronic products, beverages/alcohol, medicines, small household appliances, clothing, household goods...

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