Air touch media

Air touch media


   Enter a new era of touch    

Air Touch Media technology
As the world’s leading air control technology,
With its excellent technical advantages,
Gain the favor of more and more brands,
Using Air Touch Media technology,
Take the development express train of the times.

     Technical features    

The air touch technology was invented and designed by the electronics and microelectronics engineers of Princeton University in the United States.
Air-tight touch technology is to provide a patent-based, unique gesture control function solution, capacitive remote sensing technology.
The air touch technology is through the integration of mature display manufacturing testing and the rapid development of electronic technology to obtain more accurate data.
The space touch technology has a wide range of applications, including applications such as games, commercial display, automobile manufacturing, digital, and home appliances.

   product composition    

AirTouch is mainly composed of three parts of sensors, patented chips, and LCD integrated advertising machine

   Technical advantages   

   technical parameter   

  Technical comparison   

    Technology application     

Solve all the pain points that do not want to touch--VR industry application




Solve all pain points that you don't want to touch-range hoods for smart home appliances