Large scale infrastructure pro

    Large scale infrastructure projects    

After years of technology accumulation, Japan and the United States photoelectric outdoor infrastructure project

No matter from the color restoration degree, color tax profit, picture clarity

Both have excellent performances.

Let the picture become the focus, let the technology perfectly explain the charm of the brand.

Indoor outdoor guide marking system
The photoelectric guiding marking system is a systematic solution to the problems of unclear, misleading, discoloring, waterproof, color temperature, light control and so on, based on the practical experience of many years and combined with the technical characteristics of the company. According to the customer's actual application needs, we have strong capacity matching capability.(Hardware workshop, wooden workshop, organic product workshop, screen printing workshop, painting workshop.),ensure the final application。
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Outdoor indoor large light box
The lighting control system that follows the heart makes the picture the focus, and makes the technology perfect interpretation of the quality and charm.
Details 白箭头 黑箭头
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